Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yuva Parliament Offers Live Debate But Old Horses Make it Democratic Rebates

Live and open debate is the first pre-condition of a healthy democracy, but to organize this in India is tough job. Today in Chandigarh Young under banner of Yuva Parliament have tried to do this at government museum auditorium in Sector 10, Chandigarh.

I entered into hall after many pulls and bulls, as venue was circled by supporters of Congress, BJP and BSP.

The dais was occupied by Congress Party Candidate, Pawan Kumar Bansal, BJP candidate Satya pal Jain, BSP’s Harmohan Dhawan and Ajay Goyal, an Independent.

Even the attempt by Chandigarh based young was recommendable but all good work done by them turned futile when youth agenda and options for them was sideline by three candidates belonging to three national parties, as most of them they either tried to show their achievements.

An alone candidate, who really had come to speak on only youth issue with solution driven approach was , an independent , Ajay Goyal, who with his first sentence of his introduction steal the show , when he asked to fix retirement age in Indian politics to provide options for generation next to try their lucks in political arena.

The show started well but first round of the degeneration begun as questions were asked to full fill the political motives in disguise of audience by political workers of political parities.

The BJP and Congress candidates openly questioned the affiliation of questioners while answering their replies after that show inverted into real political drama in non political forum, where BJP candidate Satya pal Jain who had maximum numbers of his supporters in audiences, which was strictly regulated by organizers.

Only this behavior of them made this noble show at the end political show when BJP’s Satyapal Jain waved news papers cutting to down play Congress candidate Pawn Bansal.

Where as BSP candidate Harmohan Dhawan marked his presence, all three candidates belonging to national parties just came with their past records with any precise future agenda for youth of city beautiful.

Again here Ajay Goyal, an independent also remained at advantage position, who not only addressed youth issue but expressed precise grass root level application agenda for Chandigarh and added many fans fare in youth attending the live open debate.

Why every debate in Indian democracy ends in political drama, when our political leaders will understand the hard work done by progressive citizens like “Yuva Parliament” and behave like our representatives not our masters?

Chandigarh, city beautiful, a first dream taken by Independent India has chance to teach Indian Democracy a sensible lesson But today we have lost the chance.

But the good started by generation next of Chandigarh should be carry forwarded so that hope always remains alive for change in India in general and Chandigarh in specific.
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