Thursday, February 21, 2008

United States sets July Dead line for Nuclear Deal

Indo US Nuke deal has now reached on crucial decisive when three member democratic party delegation of Joseph Biden, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel reached in national capital conveyed its suggestion cum warning mode to tell Indian side be hurry up or get ready to lose it after July 2008.

Why delay in India’s part?

As both nations have come long way, after singing agreement on nuke deal all was going well as per plan but domestic political compulsions made Indian government to hold its plan because the communist parties supporting Congress lead United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government threaten to withdraw theirs support if government would kept its proposed plan to IAEA for further discussion on the issue.

Is Deal still is possible?

Domestic politics indicates that India is preparing to face parliamentary elections before schedule as present political character of Manmohan Singh’s government is not in position to take an independent decision on this national interest issue.

Where as hand left parties have taken it as blow to their ideology which revolves around anti United States.

Thus only miracle can make this dea

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Cultural Heritage at Whose stake?

CHENNAI: Blaming the DMK government for the death of 15 cows at the famous Rameswaram temple, AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa on Monday said Chief Minister M Karunanidhi should resign owning 'moral responsibility' for the incident.

"Devotees donate cows and it is the responsibility of the temple authorities to maintain them. But the state Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Minister K R Periyakarruppan had disowned responsibility of maintaining them," Jayalalithaa said in a statement here.

The minister contends that devotees just donate the cows and do not help in efforts to maintain them.

"His (the minister's) attitude is highly condemnable," she said.

"Karunanidhi should resign owning moral responsibility for the death of the cows at the temple," she said.

Most of the departments had become inactive and corruption was to the core in police department, she alleged.

Smuggling of rice meant for public distribution system had become the order of the day and the state was experiencing unprecedented power shortage, she said, adding that "it was better" Karunanidhi resigned as he was unable to settle "any issue" confronting the state.

Fifteen cows had recently died at the famous Ramanathaswamy temple allegedly due to malnutrition.


My view

When Karunanidhi taken anti Rama stand at that movement it was clear that Jayalalithaa will use this opportunity to cash that error committed by his political enemy.

This witty situation suits right head national party BJP to get some ground on Hindu agenda on Non Hindi Belt first time in India ,where this agenda is considered that copy right issue of Hindi specking Indian.

So after aggression Karuna has taken his steps backward once Jaya came open on this most sensitive issue of cultural identity.

Dent has been done only repair on the issue can be done.

I got shamed to read all matter over issue , how selfish our political personalities have became to capture power even at cost of our cultural heritage.