Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Microsoft Market Threats Bring Google-Yahoo Together

Online media is getting better attention of investor’s, mergers and take overs become routine news.

Latest in row is a acquisition offer by Computer Giant Microsoft to search Yahoo, a major online search engine company.

The Microsoft has offered $44.6 Billion to Yahoo which company has rejected but Microsoft took rejection of offer as simple and trying to all legal options available to them.

Yahoo on other side is also working overnight to project their dominance over company by taking new adventurous steps.

Latest in Yahoo and its traditional business rival Google has reached on decision to go for trail of advertisement space with each other for one week.

As per mutual agreement Google will place its advertisement along with its search results in Yahoo.

Online experts told ABC Live that if this agreement between come into reality after pilot period than online media will become monopoly of Google leaving no space for competition in business.

The users in monopolistic market get always risks of unfair dealing; a senior expert expressed his apprehension on this move.

Some business experts see this move as Yahoo’s tactics to get more value for its product.