Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Feudal Bondage of Indian Democracy

New Delhi(ABC Live):The Indian politicians who always put their family members over Indian democratic values but stiil we considered this feudal form of bonded democracy as the world largest democracy.

Following is the listof Indian political leaders who have brutally killed the concept of democracy and confine this into newly developed definition by them, “democracy for all but rule by them only.”

1. Ex Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Lal Nehru to daughter Indira Gandhi ,who also became prime minister of India (Uttar Pradesh) belonged to Indian National congress party

2. Ex Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi to her son Rajiv Gandhi, who had become youngest prime minister in political history, Sanjay Gandhi Member of Parliament (Uttar Pradesh), Indian National congress

3. Ex Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to wife Sonia Gandhi, who head Congress party and MP, son Rahul Gandhi is also MP (Uttar Pradesh), Party Congress.

4. Ex chief Minister, Member of Parliament Farukh Abdullah to his son Omar Abdullah, who has recently, took change of Jammu Kashmir as Chief Minster (Jammu-Kashmir), Party National Conference.

5. Ex chief Minister Sheikh Abdullah to his son Farukh Abdullah who also copied his father as chief Minister (Jammu-Kashmir), Party National Conference

6. Ex chief Minister, Deputy Prime minister Chaudhary Devi Lal to his sons Om Prakash Chautala, who remained chief Minster while his other son Ranjit Singh was former MLA and currently holding post in Congress Government(Haryana) Party Congress

7. Former chief Minister, Om Prakash Chautala to his sons Ajay Chautala MP and Abhay Chautala MLA( Haryana

8. Former Chief Minister, Bansi lal to his sons Late Surinder Singh ex minister in state, Ranbir Mahendra MLA, daughter in law Kiran Chaudhary Minister , son in law Somveer Singh MLA(Haryana), Party Congress

9. Ex Chief Minister, Ex Union Minister Rao Birender Singh to his son Rao Inderjit Singh Union Minster( Haryana), Party Congress

10. Ex chief Minister, Beant Singh to Tej Parkash Singh former Minister (Punjab), Congress Party.

11. Late Om Parkash Jindal Ex minister to his son Naveen Jindal MP and wife Savitri Jindal Minister (Haryana), Party Congress.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

R K Anand Tries to Come out from BMW Sting Net

New Delhi (ABC Live): Supreme Court of India on Tuesday showed concern over increasing trend of conduct sting operations by Indian media.

In a case filed by infamous Senior Advocate R K Anand through his counsel Aftab Ahmed about a sting operation by a new channel on him which showed him and public prosecutor I U Khan offering money to main witness to change his statement in favor of Anand’s client, the main accused in BMW hit and run case, Sanjeev Nanda.

While expressing his observation during hearing of the case by three three-member bench comprising Justices B N Aggrawal, Justice Aftab Alam and Justice G S Singhvi one of these justice Singhvi said he felt that the media sting virtually convicted individuals in the eyes of the public even before they were brought to actual judicial trial and also infringe right and liberty of an individual.

If we will not think upon these ongoing media sting "Tomorrow you could be there. It could be one of us (judges) also," said Justice G S Singhvi. Further Learned Justice has also observed, "In your case (Anand) public conviction was already there."

It is to mention that on May 31 last year Delhi High Court had taken suo motu cognizance of a private news channel’s sting operation showing Anand, in collusion with Khan offering money to a main witness in BMW hit and run case and has debarred the duo from appearing in high court and lower courts for four months in September 2008.

It has recommended that they be stripped of their designation of senior advocate. Now with his petition in Supreme Court of India Anand has tried to take sympathy of all those who thrill if their truth come in front of public on one day by these media strings and ask banning them in the name of individual’s right and liberty.

My Views:

I was shocked by SC justice Singhvi remark on Anand's sting operation that media exposure through sting had made public presumption against him.

On this I want to ask question from our legal fraternity that, Is Indian Judiciary do justice looking into public presumption before any decision? if yes than these media sting may infringe in justice delivery system of India and not than it may help investigating agencies like supporting clues as they get by Narco test, lie detection tests etc.

Just afraid from these because some day it might be their turn, I think is not appropriate observation from learned judge keeping in mind the role played by senior advocates in question in the interest of free, fair and fast justice concept.

Last not the least the I request my journalists fraternity over usage of media sting operation, it should be avoided and used as last not first option as journalists' tools.