Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to Mitigate the Toxicity Level in Human Body?

The rapid urbanization and its shortcuts lifestyle have sharply hiked the toxicity level in Human Body thus created a situation where natural equilibrium gifted by Nature has been badly disturbed. The immune system of body comes under great stress as all systems provided in Human body have to work out of their capacities to keep the body moving.
Before we know how to mitigate the toxicity level in Human Body lets Know how our body gets these and which are the body parts/systems responsible for the same. To know my query I met Dr. P D. Gupta, a Ambala Based allopath doctor who has the successfully treated thousands Thyroid Eye Diseases (TED) patients by his naturopathy researches explained me the science behind this aspect of our human body.
There are three body systems through which a Human Body can intake Pesticides/ Insecticides/ Air pollution.
1.    Mouth( Digestive system)
2.    Lungs ( Respiratory  system)
3.    Skin ( Sensory System)
Also, there are Three systems through which Human Body tends to get rid of unwanted toxicity to keep natural equilibrium among all systems present in our body to work as a unit.
1.    Kidneys, Liver, Skin (Excretory system)
2.    Lungs, Nose (Respiratory System)
3.    Digestive system
The first defence against toxicity is that we can keep check over these three doors of our body by avoiding Pesticides/ Insecticides injected food, polluted air and not touching toxic substances.
The second guard against toxicity is regular cleansing of organs/systems responsible for getting out toxicity from our body like Kidneys, Liver, Skin (Excretory system), Lungs, Nose (Respiratory System) and (Digestive system).
First protection is a open fact can be drawn but not beneficial in case our body already has got diseases out of the over toxicity, as in present scenario most of us have past the stage of first defence thus we have left with option to know about the ways to get toxicity by cleansing the systems that only through natural ways not by medication as it will additionally burden our body with extra toxicity.
The million dollars question is what the practical ways for cleansing the organs/systems responsible for getting out toxicity from our body and how regular it could be done and under whose recommendation?
That in next blog I will explain how Dr. Gupta has opened my eyes by taking me into deep in human body science and its natural ways to keep itself in balance, before I can understand the concept behind the ways to clean the systems responsible for removing toxicity from the human body.

   Dr. P. D Gupta can be access via his official website  

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