Monday, November 3, 2008

Vastu Shastra Also Endorses Win for Barack Obama

Bangalore (ABC Live): The most of survey polls based on well established poll methods trends predicted clear win for Democratic Party nominee is Barack Obama in US Presidential Election of 2008 but first time for US elections Indian based consultant in Vastu Shastra, Niranjan Babu Bangalore has come with poll prediction based on ancient Indian Vastu Shastra.

It is to mention that the alternate method of poll prediction may substantiate the poll prediction science if scientifically prove in coming elections.

Over to Niranjan Babu Bangalore

The United States Presidential Election of 2008 is scheduled for Tuesday November 4, 2008 to decide on the next President of USA. While the Republican Party nominee is McCain, 72 years, the senior United States Senator from Arizona, the Democratic Party nominee is Barack Obama, 47 years, the junior United States Senator from Illinois. Every citizen of America is ready to cast his or her vote and select the leader. Both McCain and Obama are well qualified to become the President of the United States of America

Whom does Vastu predict as the next President of USA — McCain or Obama ?

Before we analyse the map of USA from the Vastu perspective, let us briefly review the background of the two men who are ready to occupy the most powerful position in the world, The President of USA.

John Sidney McCain

McCain graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1958 and was a naval aviator. During the Vietnam War, he nearly lost his life in the 1967 USS Forrestal fire and was captured by the North Vietnamese and was a prisoner of war until 1973, experiencing torture and wounds that left him with physical restrictions. McCain retired from the Navy in 1981 and moved to Arizona entering politics. Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1982, he served two terms, and was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1986, winning re-election in 1992, 1998, and 2004.

Barack Obama

Obama, the first African American to be nominated by a major political party for president is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he served as President of the Harvard Law Review. Obama was a community organizer and practiced as a civil rights attorney before serving three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. He has taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. He announced his campaign for the U.S. Senate in January 2003. After a primary victory in March 2004, Obama delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in July 2004 and was elected to the Senate in November 2004. Obama announced his presidential campaign in February 2007.

Vastu Analysis

Our analysis is based on the creation of the Peeta Mandala or nine module plan of Vastu. This plan of Vastu is laid over the geographical map of USA. It divides the country into nine parts or modules that identify the four cardinal and four angular directions apart from the central area.

Vastu sastra identifies South, West and Southwest as the strength and stability areas; North and Northeast are the comfort and contentment areas; East is the royalty and political power area; while Southeast and Northwest are the dynamic or movement areas. The central area is the important place of total awareness or Brahmasthana.

The Republican Party nominee John Sidney McCain is the senator from Arizona, which is the strength and stability area of USA. He is vying for the Presidential seat in Washington DC, the comfort and contentment area. His movement is from southwest to northeast. When the module of Arizona is further split into another nine modules, we find that it falls in the south of the inner module denoting Mars or aggressiveness.

The Democratic Party nominee, Obama is the senator from Illinois, which is the total awareness area His movement to the seat of power, the comfort and contentment area is to the east, the royalty and political power area, but it is also dynamic, because of the slight southeast location. When the module of Illinois is further split into another nine modules, we find it falls into the northeast and east of that inner module denoting Jupiter and the Sun denoting wisdom and royalty.

Based on the above Vastu evaluation that integrates locations, directions and related planets with various aspects of power and fame, both the candidates have good Vastu related energies. That is, McCain moves from the area of strength and stability (through sector of aggressiveness) to the area of comfort and contentment, while Obama moves from the area of total awareness (through the sectors of wisdom and royalty) to the area of royalty.

This indicates that the well contested political fight will be close. The powerful seat of the President of USA is not a seat of comfort and contentment. Obama moving into the area of royalty and political power coupled with the slight leaning to dynamism seems to give him the Vastu edge over McCain. Therefore, Obama is very likely to be the next President of USA.

However, it will be not a bed of roses for the next President of USA, as his attention will be primarily directed towards the unfriendly nations of USA. The beauty of Vastu is that it not only indicates the likely outcome but also suggests remedial measures which can be used to one's advantage by rectifying imbalances. In the case of McCain, since aggressive Mars is involved in the Arizona module, the support of the younger generation voters can tilt the balance in his favor. We wish Senators McCain and Obama all the best. In God We Trust.

Know More about Niranjan Babu Bangalore

Niranjan Babu Bangalore is an international consultant in Vastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology and related sciences. He has authored several best seller books in English and regional languages of India. He is an advisor for well-known temples, complexes and institutions.

He has lectured, conducted workshops (and teaching classes) and given professional consultations in India, North America, Europe and other parts of the world. Many individuals, businesses and institutions have utilized his services and have greatly benefitted from his advice. He has been associated with his father and internationally reputed scholar of Vedic Astrology Dr. B.V. Raman’s work since more than thirty five years.

His consultation forte is application of the ancient principles to the modern changed conditions of construction activity in both micro projects like residences, commercial establishments, residences, commercial establishments, business offices , restaurants, small temples, etc., and mega projects like creation of layouts and sub-divisions, infrastructure, temple complexes, educational institutions and corporate, health and business complexes, airports, etc.

My views:

It is good to read that indian astrologers has come out to prove ancient Indian Vastu Shastra as a science in world highest battle for supremacy.

By this it will give ample amount of exposure to Vastu Shastra among most scientifically developed nation, United States.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FBI Foils Plot to Kill Obama: Democracy Wins

New York (ABC Live): FBI has arrested Two Young white supremacist skinheads with charge to kill 88 African Americans including presidential candidate Barack Obama on a state-to-state killing spree.

According to information neo-Nazis, Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman had planned a deadly gunning down the Obama, who hopes to become America’s first black president this planning is resultant of

An online meeting between two young white supremacists a month ago led them to allegedly plot a national killing spree of blacks that would end with the assassination of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

As per their police investigation they had planned to attack drive at the Democratic while driving close to his vehicle blasting shotguns at him from the windows, court documents showed.

Cowart, 20, of Bells, Tennessee, and Schlesselman 18, of West Helena, Arkansas, were the youth who were named for plot to kill US president hopeful and charged with making threats against a presidential candidate, illegal possession of a sawn-off shotgun and conspiracy to rob a gun dealer.

Memphis courts have denied bail to them and send them in jail until a further hearing on Thursday.

It is to mention that latest plot to kill was the second against the Obama but did not seem to be very advanced or sophisticated.

My views:

This is the act against democracy, timely actions by FBI has averted a serious incident before historic US presidential election 2008, where First time a black person is all most sure to become World most powerful personality.

The global color Geo politics is watching this event as an experience of behavior of different colored person on global political throne in coming hard situations.

I am a social researcher is keen to see Obama as US president because black race had always remained at receiving end of exploitation across the world in every civilizations, and his actions at powerful seat will give chance to record actions and reactions of another race under and above power game.
It may help social science to find out unanswered questions on color based behavioral indications in much better ways.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

BMW Takes RK Anand and IU Khan Heads

New Delhi (ABC Live): The infamous BMW case has taken its causalities even after 10 year on Thursday, when a Division Bench of Justices Manmohan Sarin and Madan B Lokur of Delhi High Court convicted senior advocates RK Anand and IU Khan for their corrupt and unprofessional behavior in BMW case.

The Honorable court ordered to withdraw senior advocates tag from them and asked them not to appear before Delhi High Court and all subordinate courts for the next four months as punishment.

The court has also slapped fine of Rs 2,000 each to both with remark “irresponsible” and court is not dealing with young advocates but senior most lawyers.

My views on this news

RK Anand and IU Khan are not culprits of BMW case only bit also the murderers of Indian Judiciary system, which is hanging only in the walls of Indian courts in shapes of Portraits of Mahatma Gandhi and old phrase" Truth always prevails".

So Delhi High court has taken very lenient view amount the heinous crime they had committed with judicial institution of India, even through HC bench only suspended tag of senior advocates and fine of Rs 2000/- the amount they spend daily perhaps on smoking.

They should be treat as murderer more than human murder because they had brutality killed the hope of common Indian for fair trial to get justice in already burdened Indian judiciary.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Indo-US Nuke Will Decide Fate of Rahul Gandhi As Prime Minister of India

Indo – US Nuclear Deal and future of Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister of India can not be link to each other but all internal indicators of Indian politics indicate some thing reverse to what are seen on national Screen.

India’s first able and tabled Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has made this Nuke deal as his personal prestige question and even decided to forgo Prime Ministerial post for it sake.

Sources close to Prime Minster told ABC Live that Singh has now planned a definite decision on Nuke deal in his mind and putting direct pressure on Congress party and its allies to come forward with him or get to choose next prime minister for UPA government for last year of its tenure.

Sonia Gandhi has seen ample opportunities for his son Rahul Gandhi to be replace as Prime Minister in case Dr. Singh resign in before elections on the issue. But to install Rahul just after Manmohan Singh and that also just before, coming elections is too risky.

If PM will go ahead with his way and resign in the case UPA again postpone its decision on Nuke deal under left threat than Sonia Gandhi would be happy to face election without any Prime Minister aspirant.

These situations suits her to draw lines for Rahul as Prime Minister of world largest democracy in which all family members of Nehru-Gandhi family take direct responsibility of PM when ever they enter in power politics.

If you see whole episode of Indo-US nuke deal on part of India it is only Dr.Singh commitment otherwise the seriousness of the issue among his party or other UPA parties can be seen that they only use it as and when it suits them politically without knowing its national and international ramifications.

The urgency of Sonia Gandhi to find suitable place for her son Rahul Gandhi in era when her Made Prime Minster has established himself in international circle as creditable national head and making hard for her day by day to curtail Manmohan Singh’s international stature which will be immensely reach high once India will able to meet all obligations under this Deal.

This fears Sonia Gandhi and his loyalists who had projected nation First Minority person as Prime Minister in 2004 after Sonia Gandhi’s refusal to ace pt Top post as make shift arrangement but PM global interactions overshadowed all domestic political compulsions and also made Rahul Gandhi entry into power Politics toughest.

Now we are very much near to the climax of this global Vs domestic compulsions game. Manmohan Singh is riding on his global rapports where as Sonia Gandhi with her son is of fully control of domestic reasons and seasons.

Let’s see who will win or lose in this game of Nuclear power to political power Game.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Redefining Creamy Layer in India

Indian Government is in its process to redefine the definition of Creamy layer in Other Backward Cates (OBC) after Supreme Court of India ordered to keep creamy layer from quota in higher education its recent decision.

On Wednesday National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) has decided to enhance creamy layer income criteria some thing between 4-6 lakh per annum from present Rs/- 2.5 lakh.

My views

On which ground you are asking reservation that is important if you going for it on economical criteria than redefinition should be on the basis of social upliftment not only the basis of economics purely.

On other side if some one asks quota on economical basis that this definition can be ok.

Problem in India is there are no social indicators which can suggest the social development of a citizen’s thus only economical status is applied to gauge the social development not other.

Are Indian government agreed that every OBC earning beyond Six lakh INR per annum is fully socially developed?

I think answer will be??????

So apart from only economical there should be social yard stick while redefining Creamy layers in OBC.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Business Interest Forces Mayawati-Mulayam to Over Rule Political Compulsions

The cat has came out of bag on all of sudden meet between Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Ms Mayawati and SP leader Mulayam Singh Yadav When UP government has withdrew its earlier Letter to take stern against Sahara India Financial Corporation Limited to Reserve bank of India on Saturday as resultant of Human Right Meet.

The meeting of two arch political rivals on Friday under the cover of Human Rights issue came into lime light with rumors of new political alignment in the land of social engineering.

The today’s move from Mayawati’s side has opened the cards clearly, that planned bilateral meet was purely on business model as Yadav is considered close to Subroto Roy, chairman of Sahara Group.

What is RBI-SIFCL- UP Government Tussle?

On June 4, RBI banned Sahara to collect deposits from public in any form. The Chief General Manager, Alpana Killawala clearly mentioned that SIFCL was provided all options to submit its answers to all queries and India’s regulatory bank authorities found that SIFCL had continuously violated directions/guidelines of RBI.

After this RBI order Sahara moved to Allahabad High Court and got Stay order on Bank’s Order but RBI has taken tough stand and moved to Supreme Court to vacate stay on its June 4, order to SIFCL by High Court.

The UP government came into picture in RBI- SIFCL tussle when it has written a letter to RBI to take stern action against Sahara Group because it can sell off its assets and dupe with its investors majority of them based in UP and Bihar.

RBI after getting endorsement from Uttar Pradesh Government on its order was planning to use it against Sahara in Supreme Court to vacate HC stay in coming days.

Now withdrawal of its earlier official endorsement against Sahara can hamper RBI case in Supreme Court.

It may be the only real reason behind Mayawati –Mulayam meet other than political or human rights issues.

What makes Mulayam Singh Yadav to over rule Business interest over Politics?

The closeness between Subroto Roy and Mulayam Singh and his party is open fact but Friday move has conveyed some thing more than closeness in their relations which had forced Netaji popularly called by his party men to visit to Ms Mayawati residence with whom he has not even courtesy relations for last 13 years in public or private.

Politically nothing happened drastically or suddenly which could force him to meet his hard bite enemy in ground level in sate politics.

Than only reason which co-incidental facts suggesting are business interest direct or indirectly affecting him due to RBI ban over Sahara Financial operation.

In Indian politics where your political interest is supreme is rule of the day this over night change of heart for other than political interest is indicator of beginning of new era in Indian politics with phrase that your political interest is supreme but your business is cream.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sonia Gandhi's Call on Fuel Price Hike Starts to Work for Citizens

New Delhi (ABC Live): On Friday after Congress party ruled States Chief ministers its Petroleum Minister Murli Deroa turn to respond to UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi call on Petrol and diesel price hike.

Today Petroleum ministry has deiced to roll back price hike by one Rupee for Petrol and 50 paisa on diesel per litre respectively on condition that it will be available to only those states who will forego incremental sales tax revenues.

It is to remember that Mrs. Gandhi has argued Indian government and states governments to take steps to put fewer burdens on citizens of this price hike yesterday after that congress ruled states government responded to her call by announcing reducing sale tax and other levies on fuel in their states.

Indian politics On Fuel Price hike Cat walk Show or Cat walkout show??

My Views

Indian politics On Fuel Price hike Cat walk Show or Cat walkout show??

I think as common Indian that all what is playing in the name of Fuel price for past two three days in India is planned strategy of UPA if Hike from UPA Government than Call from UPA Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to reduce the price from states and her own government which had fully consulted her before this hike.

If her intention was to work for citizens as she wants to pretend by her call to reduce fuel hike she should had taken at time of union government level first by own rather to call other to check hike planned by her consent.

On other hand BJP/opposition parties led states are not responding to Sonia's call because it will give political advantages to UPA, more if they not reduce the tax and levies on fuel as congress led state have done than they have chance to carry anti congress wave up to coming lok sabha elections.

Both political outfits are playing politics over most urgent citizens' issue in the name of votes.

God know the ultimate destination of indian citizens?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Vikas and Vishal Yadav Get Life Imprisonment

New Delhi (ABC Live): Vikas and Vishal Yadav sons of Indian Member of Parliament from Uttar Pradesh D P Yadav were awarded life sentence in Nitish Katara murder case on Friday.

It is to remember here that duo brothers were convicted by Delhi Fast track court on Wednesday after six years of long legal battle in Indian courts.

Judge Ms Ravider Kaur pronounced her decision after hearing heated arguments from both side citing both as habitual offenders and also imposed fine of Rs 1.2 lakh each on both along with life imprisonment.

My views
This decision will once again boost the morale of common Indians who are lingering in Indian courts in hope of justice on one fateful day.

Media pressure is working in all cases which it has taken in its hands like in case of Jesica Lal murder case, Pridarshani Mattu and Shivani Bhatnagar murder cases.

  1. My question is how many cases can media take?
  2. again depending on growing Indian media which still in its learning phase is fair?
  3. We should try to know before hoping much from Indian media about who run them and why and chances of manipulations are very high.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anil Ambani Enters Hollywood With Bang

New York (ABC Live): Reliance Big Entertainment, a company floated by Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group on Sunday has announced its entry into Hollywood films productions.

Amit Khanna, Chairman of Reliance Big Entertainment while in a press meet told: "This initiative will yield up to 30 scripts in the next two years. We are confident that at least 10 of them will go into production during the period."

He further said that his company is going to invest USD 1 billion and involving big guns of Hollywood industry like Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt and Jim Carrey.

It is also clear from company strategy that RBE is aiming to work on 30 films products in coming two years.

The Reliance international Entertainment deal involved Cage’s Saturn Productions, Carrey's JC 23 Entertainment, Clooney's Smokehouse Productions, Columbus' 1492 Pictures, Hanks' Playtone Productions, Pitt's B Entertainment and Roach's Everyman Pictures.

It is also to mention here that all above deals were formulated by Los Angeles-based Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

MY views

I want to congratulate Anil Ambani for his new venture in entertainment, specially in Hollywood but in my views earning from Indian customers(Higher to lower income people) by offering them only air energy and putting this in oversea cine industry in which purely high to middle classes of west take enjoy is not fair with poor Indian who think it Indian invasion over west.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Microsoft Market Threats Bring Google-Yahoo Together

Online media is getting better attention of investor’s, mergers and take overs become routine news.

Latest in row is a acquisition offer by Computer Giant Microsoft to search Yahoo, a major online search engine company.

The Microsoft has offered $44.6 Billion to Yahoo which company has rejected but Microsoft took rejection of offer as simple and trying to all legal options available to them.

Yahoo on other side is also working overnight to project their dominance over company by taking new adventurous steps.

Latest in Yahoo and its traditional business rival Google has reached on decision to go for trail of advertisement space with each other for one week.

As per mutual agreement Google will place its advertisement along with its search results in Yahoo.

Online experts told ABC Live that if this agreement between come into reality after pilot period than online media will become monopoly of Google leaving no space for competition in business.

The users in monopolistic market get always risks of unfair dealing; a senior expert expressed his apprehension on this move.

Some business experts see this move as Yahoo’s tactics to get more value for its product.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

United States sets July Dead line for Nuclear Deal

Indo US Nuke deal has now reached on crucial decisive when three member democratic party delegation of Joseph Biden, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel reached in national capital conveyed its suggestion cum warning mode to tell Indian side be hurry up or get ready to lose it after July 2008.

Why delay in India’s part?

As both nations have come long way, after singing agreement on nuke deal all was going well as per plan but domestic political compulsions made Indian government to hold its plan because the communist parties supporting Congress lead United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government threaten to withdraw theirs support if government would kept its proposed plan to IAEA for further discussion on the issue.

Is Deal still is possible?

Domestic politics indicates that India is preparing to face parliamentary elections before schedule as present political character of Manmohan Singh’s government is not in position to take an independent decision on this national interest issue.

Where as hand left parties have taken it as blow to their ideology which revolves around anti United States.

Thus only miracle can make this dea

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Cultural Heritage at Whose stake?

CHENNAI: Blaming the DMK government for the death of 15 cows at the famous Rameswaram temple, AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa on Monday said Chief Minister M Karunanidhi should resign owning 'moral responsibility' for the incident.

"Devotees donate cows and it is the responsibility of the temple authorities to maintain them. But the state Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Minister K R Periyakarruppan had disowned responsibility of maintaining them," Jayalalithaa said in a statement here.

The minister contends that devotees just donate the cows and do not help in efforts to maintain them.

"His (the minister's) attitude is highly condemnable," she said.

"Karunanidhi should resign owning moral responsibility for the death of the cows at the temple," she said.

Most of the departments had become inactive and corruption was to the core in police department, she alleged.

Smuggling of rice meant for public distribution system had become the order of the day and the state was experiencing unprecedented power shortage, she said, adding that "it was better" Karunanidhi resigned as he was unable to settle "any issue" confronting the state.

Fifteen cows had recently died at the famous Ramanathaswamy temple allegedly due to malnutrition.


My view

When Karunanidhi taken anti Rama stand at that movement it was clear that Jayalalithaa will use this opportunity to cash that error committed by his political enemy.

This witty situation suits right head national party BJP to get some ground on Hindu agenda on Non Hindi Belt first time in India ,where this agenda is considered that copy right issue of Hindi specking Indian.

So after aggression Karuna has taken his steps backward once Jaya came open on this most sensitive issue of cultural identity.

Dent has been done only repair on the issue can be done.

I got shamed to read all matter over issue , how selfish our political personalities have became to capture power even at cost of our cultural heritage.