Friday, June 20, 2008

Indo-US Nuke Will Decide Fate of Rahul Gandhi As Prime Minister of India

Indo – US Nuclear Deal and future of Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister of India can not be link to each other but all internal indicators of Indian politics indicate some thing reverse to what are seen on national Screen.

India’s first able and tabled Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has made this Nuke deal as his personal prestige question and even decided to forgo Prime Ministerial post for it sake.

Sources close to Prime Minster told ABC Live that Singh has now planned a definite decision on Nuke deal in his mind and putting direct pressure on Congress party and its allies to come forward with him or get to choose next prime minister for UPA government for last year of its tenure.

Sonia Gandhi has seen ample opportunities for his son Rahul Gandhi to be replace as Prime Minister in case Dr. Singh resign in before elections on the issue. But to install Rahul just after Manmohan Singh and that also just before, coming elections is too risky.

If PM will go ahead with his way and resign in the case UPA again postpone its decision on Nuke deal under left threat than Sonia Gandhi would be happy to face election without any Prime Minister aspirant.

These situations suits her to draw lines for Rahul as Prime Minister of world largest democracy in which all family members of Nehru-Gandhi family take direct responsibility of PM when ever they enter in power politics.

If you see whole episode of Indo-US nuke deal on part of India it is only Dr.Singh commitment otherwise the seriousness of the issue among his party or other UPA parties can be seen that they only use it as and when it suits them politically without knowing its national and international ramifications.

The urgency of Sonia Gandhi to find suitable place for her son Rahul Gandhi in era when her Made Prime Minster has established himself in international circle as creditable national head and making hard for her day by day to curtail Manmohan Singh’s international stature which will be immensely reach high once India will able to meet all obligations under this Deal.

This fears Sonia Gandhi and his loyalists who had projected nation First Minority person as Prime Minister in 2004 after Sonia Gandhi’s refusal to ace pt Top post as make shift arrangement but PM global interactions overshadowed all domestic political compulsions and also made Rahul Gandhi entry into power Politics toughest.

Now we are very much near to the climax of this global Vs domestic compulsions game. Manmohan Singh is riding on his global rapports where as Sonia Gandhi with her son is of fully control of domestic reasons and seasons.

Let’s see who will win or lose in this game of Nuclear power to political power Game.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Redefining Creamy Layer in India

Indian Government is in its process to redefine the definition of Creamy layer in Other Backward Cates (OBC) after Supreme Court of India ordered to keep creamy layer from quota in higher education its recent decision.

On Wednesday National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) has decided to enhance creamy layer income criteria some thing between 4-6 lakh per annum from present Rs/- 2.5 lakh.

My views

On which ground you are asking reservation that is important if you going for it on economical criteria than redefinition should be on the basis of social upliftment not only the basis of economics purely.

On other side if some one asks quota on economical basis that this definition can be ok.

Problem in India is there are no social indicators which can suggest the social development of a citizen’s thus only economical status is applied to gauge the social development not other.

Are Indian government agreed that every OBC earning beyond Six lakh INR per annum is fully socially developed?

I think answer will be??????

So apart from only economical there should be social yard stick while redefining Creamy layers in OBC.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Business Interest Forces Mayawati-Mulayam to Over Rule Political Compulsions

The cat has came out of bag on all of sudden meet between Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Ms Mayawati and SP leader Mulayam Singh Yadav When UP government has withdrew its earlier Letter to take stern against Sahara India Financial Corporation Limited to Reserve bank of India on Saturday as resultant of Human Right Meet.

The meeting of two arch political rivals on Friday under the cover of Human Rights issue came into lime light with rumors of new political alignment in the land of social engineering.

The today’s move from Mayawati’s side has opened the cards clearly, that planned bilateral meet was purely on business model as Yadav is considered close to Subroto Roy, chairman of Sahara Group.

What is RBI-SIFCL- UP Government Tussle?

On June 4, RBI banned Sahara to collect deposits from public in any form. The Chief General Manager, Alpana Killawala clearly mentioned that SIFCL was provided all options to submit its answers to all queries and India’s regulatory bank authorities found that SIFCL had continuously violated directions/guidelines of RBI.

After this RBI order Sahara moved to Allahabad High Court and got Stay order on Bank’s Order but RBI has taken tough stand and moved to Supreme Court to vacate stay on its June 4, order to SIFCL by High Court.

The UP government came into picture in RBI- SIFCL tussle when it has written a letter to RBI to take stern action against Sahara Group because it can sell off its assets and dupe with its investors majority of them based in UP and Bihar.

RBI after getting endorsement from Uttar Pradesh Government on its order was planning to use it against Sahara in Supreme Court to vacate HC stay in coming days.

Now withdrawal of its earlier official endorsement against Sahara can hamper RBI case in Supreme Court.

It may be the only real reason behind Mayawati –Mulayam meet other than political or human rights issues.

What makes Mulayam Singh Yadav to over rule Business interest over Politics?

The closeness between Subroto Roy and Mulayam Singh and his party is open fact but Friday move has conveyed some thing more than closeness in their relations which had forced Netaji popularly called by his party men to visit to Ms Mayawati residence with whom he has not even courtesy relations for last 13 years in public or private.

Politically nothing happened drastically or suddenly which could force him to meet his hard bite enemy in ground level in sate politics.

Than only reason which co-incidental facts suggesting are business interest direct or indirectly affecting him due to RBI ban over Sahara Financial operation.

In Indian politics where your political interest is supreme is rule of the day this over night change of heart for other than political interest is indicator of beginning of new era in Indian politics with phrase that your political interest is supreme but your business is cream.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sonia Gandhi's Call on Fuel Price Hike Starts to Work for Citizens

New Delhi (ABC Live): On Friday after Congress party ruled States Chief ministers its Petroleum Minister Murli Deroa turn to respond to UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi call on Petrol and diesel price hike.

Today Petroleum ministry has deiced to roll back price hike by one Rupee for Petrol and 50 paisa on diesel per litre respectively on condition that it will be available to only those states who will forego incremental sales tax revenues.

It is to remember that Mrs. Gandhi has argued Indian government and states governments to take steps to put fewer burdens on citizens of this price hike yesterday after that congress ruled states government responded to her call by announcing reducing sale tax and other levies on fuel in their states.

Indian politics On Fuel Price hike Cat walk Show or Cat walkout show??

My Views

Indian politics On Fuel Price hike Cat walk Show or Cat walkout show??

I think as common Indian that all what is playing in the name of Fuel price for past two three days in India is planned strategy of UPA if Hike from UPA Government than Call from UPA Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to reduce the price from states and her own government which had fully consulted her before this hike.

If her intention was to work for citizens as she wants to pretend by her call to reduce fuel hike she should had taken at time of union government level first by own rather to call other to check hike planned by her consent.

On other hand BJP/opposition parties led states are not responding to Sonia's call because it will give political advantages to UPA, more if they not reduce the tax and levies on fuel as congress led state have done than they have chance to carry anti congress wave up to coming lok sabha elections.

Both political outfits are playing politics over most urgent citizens' issue in the name of votes.

God know the ultimate destination of indian citizens?