Sunday, February 28, 2010

Virender’s Play “Jisne Lahore Nahin Dekha” Replayed My Mind

Art is something which we can take when where we require in our life; yesterday I got such to watch a stage play “Jisne Lahore Nahin Dekha” written by Asghar Wajahat in Kurukshetra.

I along with my Friend Advocate Ravi reached Kurukshetra from Chandigarh to watch the play at Multi cultural Centre at about 6.30Pm.

I was impressed with the presence of stage lovers present in open air theater and organizers attitude towards human and arts which influence the behaviour of a human.

The play director Virender, a young boy from Haryana Suburban city Narwana and his team comprising of Teachers and students from Kurukshetra exhibited the marvel of human arts indicating reinforcement of development.

The play started with soul soothing music nicely knitted by hearts searching song live performed by young singer and musicians, slowly it take me into my subconscious mind, as change of scenes never gave time to came out of play sequence because of the perfect coordination between stage and music team.

But thanks to Haryana Power department, which forced power break to fill up commercial break vacuum in non commercial expression of emotions.

The power break again reminded me the hard realities in which we , the common men are struggling to survive even after 64 years of our Independence achieved by keeping feet over heads as shown in play Jisne Lahore Nahin Dekha.

But, Rajiv Sanyal, Stage artist and Journalist used this power break by sharing the detail and relevance of play Jisne Lahore Nahin Dekha” written by Asghar Wajahat and Director Virender’s and his team pre stage efforts.

The way Rajiv Sanyal acted swiftly to control Sway emotional syndrome in Public reminded me of great Indian Freedom Fighter Chandrashekhar Azad who had always alternate plan to tackle Sway emotional syndrome.

Mr. Sanyal, who was presiding over the function and his coming out of president ship to a stage play artist to bring back continuity, is a real message for me and others to follow.

Luckily, the electricity resumed and stay with us till the end of great play

The famous play “Jisne Lahore Nahin Dekha” has already being staged by many artists and directors earlier to this but the sense and the message it carried forced audience to think upon the language of love and trust which never limits it self in any geographical limitations.

As a body language expert, the play directed by young director Virender forced me to write on the excellent work done over body language of each and every character of the play apart from their verbal and face selections.

The face selection and command over Urdu language of artists are subjects to be analyzed by body language experts’ fraternity which will certainly reduce the their decision of error while deciding the body language of a person.

God bless Virender and his whole team.