Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why Education in Indian Elections?

I attended Citizens’ Open Forum on Education on Friday as organizer in Chandigarh. As pressure of planning to organize copy book style event was in my mind.

I along with my Team, who works under Citizen Research Foundation aegis on Citizens related issues extended invitations to all who always express their anger over decorating situation in education in my city Chandigarh.

Here one thing I want to share that Citizen Research Foundation had invited all Candidates, who are contesting elections from Chandigarh Parliamentary constituency, like Congress Pawan Kumar Bnasal, BJP’s Satyapal Jain, and BSP Harmohan Dhawan, RJD Hafiz and independent Ajay Goyal.

It is really matter of Shame to City beautiful that only two out of all, BJP Satyapal Jain and Independent Candidate Ajay Goyal had came to attend the open forum on education.

The in sensitiveness of Indian politicians towards real social issues like education, health and poverty clearly shows that dichotomy in political character of Indian democracy. It clearly means that medicine for else disease is given to Indian democratic patients (Indian Voters) in the name and dream of all praise democracy by the people and for the people.

Above was the situation with Indian Politicians, now I want to share the most unethical behavior of Indian media, who pretends to run after any news like mad dog and tries to perform autopsy of cat and dogs of celebrities on one side and conduct hefty debate on studio debate on issues as raised by Citizen Research Foundation, Education.

Even I on behalf of CRF and as Research Journalist in personally extended invitation to all media personals by emails and some by invitation cards, sorry to write that none of them had come to cover event of societal importance.

With this type of irresponsible behavior of two pillars of Indian democracy , I could not see the future of world largest democracy with present pillars, so we should try to replace these pillars with new foundation stones so that our democracy do not needs any pillars but always equal participation.

Last not the least I do see some ray of hope in Indian politicians like BJP’s Candidate Satyapal Jain and Ajay Goyal who have courage to come out open to face every queries of citizens in public domains.

I will say to both of them good luck and pray for rest of all, who did not find time to attend open debate on education , that some day mother Saraswati( Goodness of wisdom) will enlighten these politicians to guide them how to serve citizens.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Chandigarh Elections 2009: Representatives without Democratic Beauty

On Sunday, I was on my cut off day from my routine working, as I have to concentrate on my Researches on Monday on wards, so did seminar and all free patrolling of Chandigarh with my old friends of my school.

During my free patrolling of Chandigarh, I came to knew that, city beautiful is not responding to Indian democracy as it has in cases of infrastructural, comer's and educational has shown.

As, I am well aware about on going elections for Indian Lok sabha on the corners,rest of Indian cities are well painted and motivated by Indian festival of democracy,(I usually call), as in festival every body wants to take joy out of festival in their own ways, like that democratic elections in India are similar to all Indian festivals like diwali,Holi, Id, etc. but difference is in duration of festival.

But my City beautiful is not taking part in this more than month long Indian democracy festival, That stunned me.

Question came to my mind, that without much participation of Chandigarh sectoral population in democratic elections, are person representing City beautiful truly represents Chandigarh?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ajay Goyal Apart Body Language May Draw Hope

I got Invitation from a young foreign based Mr Ajay Goyal, film financier and media owner by profession, who is contesting Parliamentary Elections from Chandigarh at Chandigarh Pres club.

I attended the press conference, one thing which attracted me as body language expert that body wave of Goyal was not shaky; it is of unique constant wave length that substantiates his motive to enter into politics.

Authority over new ideas on national and international issue put him in extra bracket from ordinarily Indian Democratic leader.

I am going to keep watch on his democratic actions during his trail to face or fight the Indian Democratic elections from My Home city Chandigarh in Lok Sabha 2009.

Why Afraid of Live debate My Dear Indian Democratic leaders?

India is going face or rather fight for democracy in couple of week latter, the all official and unofficial exercises have been started to get maximum out of minimum from already drying pond of Indian democracy.

Open debate is the most powerful and decent tool of any democracy, which I think is missing character from India Demo- crazy (Democracy), where all participants especially political leaders who only try to demonstrate their side only, and not willing to hear from other side.

Live debate on democracy and its all important issues effecting citizens to society and vice versa are not seen any where from day first of Indian democracy, first due to over exposure of charismatic political leadership, where people could not understood the values of their democratic right means vote and use in matter of faith on these leaders like Nehru, Indira Gandhi etc.

After wards came the 1977, when Indian voters tried to change the situation but result again become zero, but after come the times of regional charismatic leaders like Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Yadav, Mayawati, shard pawar etc who not only killed the debate issue at all levels because their charisma are based on but castes, religion and religion not personal thus buried the tradition of open debate in Indian democracy.
BJP Leader L K Advani Challenged Prime Minster Man Mohan Singh for Debate.

I was at pain , when I read the news BJP Leader L K Advani has put Challenged Prime Minster Man Mohan Singh for Live Debate because as Indian researcher on Parliamentary issues, I know the poor records of both Leaders in Indian parliament during debates on national and international in parliament.

As per my political understanding by Challenging Prime Minster Man Mohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi he was eying not on live debate issue but his trail to establish himself as alternate of former.

My humble suggestion to Advani Ji is why live debate with Man Mohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi, Why not with Indian voters???